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Ubud, among the rice paddies

I got lost and found my bearings a couple of times. This is of course as in life, it is sometimes necessary to get lost in order to wake up and find our true purpose…


I had been told that the traffic on the island is very dense, especially in July and August because of the high number of tourists at that time. Even so I estimated that an hour and a half was more than enough time to travel the little more than 40 km that separate Jimbaran from Ubud.

At 12:00 h they delivered the scooter I had rented to the hotel, but I had plenty of time. How naïve of me!. There was indeed a lot of traffic and when everything started to move, a lady stopped her car in the middle of a curve without any reason and we crashed her from behind. It all happened very fast, my driver slammed on the brakes, and jumped out quickly to see if there was any major damage done to the cars. The lady was angry and started to argue with my driver. Madam, if you confuse the brake with the accelerator it is not our fault!!. Fortunately, nothing serious happened and we continued our journey.

I saw the 10,000 rupees note that my driver had as an offering to the gods on the dashboard of the car and I thought it seemed hardly enough for the kind of protection we needed from the unexpected crashes, but I didn’t say anything. It was not the time for irony!. I looked at the clock, our location on the map and I asked my driver, who was driving at such a slow pace and seemed more concerned about the incident than to arrive, or to answer me about how long he thought we would take to arrive. We were going to arrive late, very late and I notified the hotel that very kindly the day before had sent a WhatsApp informing me of a person and telephone contact available 24 hours a day in case of need.

Finally we arrived after two and a half hours on the road. It was late and I was hungry, so I decided to change the initial plans. I went out for a ride on the scooter, after eating quietly in the hotel’s open-air restaurant. I went off to the rice paddies of Tegalalang with my GPS and mobile perfectly fixed on the handlebars. My eyes tried to capture all the beauty of the area while following the directions of google maps, up and down steep slopes without pathways, traffic signals or signs of any kind, avoiding the heavy traffic and I concentrated on driving on the right side.

I got lost and found my bearings a couple of times. This is of course as in life, it is sometimes necessary to get lost in order to wake up and find our true purpose. Thanks to getting lost one time I discovered a street full of single-product stores, one of handbags, another of decorations, another of umbrellas, sunshades etc., with better prices than the handicraft market of Ubud. But you always have to bargain, or nearly always. Later I discovered that most of Ubud’s shopkeepers go there to buy.

Oops, my phone was running out of battery, I did not want to miss the tea ceremony lying on one of the traditional Balinese beds surrounded by transparent fabrics while watching the lush nature, the infinity pool surrounded by colorful parasols and rice paddies. So without having reached my final destination, I started my way back among natives dressed in plastic boots and cone-shaped hats cultivating the rice fields, ladies carrying heavy bundles on their backs,  walking in the middle of the road, dogs lying around that barked  furiously at me passing by for disturbing their sleep, scooters with up to 4 people perched on them, groups of men talking, cars and bicycles.

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