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Bali, food for the soul

Bali relax y paz

Traveling to Bali is an incredible experience. It is a way of showing that we love ourselves, and take care of ourselves, of getting away from the unstoppable rhythm in which we were trapped…


Yes, you heard me. Bali for me is food for the soul, it is about healing, about rediscovering yourself, it is … so many positive things.

I had not slowed down for a long time, I couldn’t afford it, I had too many things to do… Surely this sounds familiar to you with this frantic pace of life, right? As I did not stop, my body began to show me signs that it didn’t want to go on. So without really knowing how, one day I found myself in front of the computer buying a plane ticket to go to Bali the following month, without any prior planning. Being a person who needs to have everything under control and that perfect is never enough, I admit that my first sensation was fear.

I have traveled alone thousands of ttimes, so I didn’t understand why I felt this way, or maybe I did…. In a month I was going to Bali, yes,to Baliii !!! A country that I had barely heard of except that it is an island of choice for visitors on honeymoon and that Julia Roberts found love in “eat, pray and love”.

I barely had time to organize anything, so my first question was: What now? I started my exhaustive search for boutique hotels in Ubud. I enjoy looking for charming hotels in special places, I have to admit. I found a beautiful ecological hotel, located in the middle of the rice fields but close to the magical Ubud. It was made up of wooden houses that respect the environment and, in addition, cooperates with the community giving free classes of yoga, dance and handcrafts to children. I booked 5 nights and the rest I would see.

I was unrecognizable, I, leaving everything to chance! It was not until the week before the trip when I finished booking the rest of the accommodation, but always with the possibility of changes. Luckily I did, because there were changes.

And the day arrived. After almost 19 hours of travel, I arrived in Bali. That island has a special energy. It’s magical, maybe that’s why it’s considered as one of the energy centers of the earth. During the days I spent in this amazing island what I felt was an immense happiness, so much that sometimes I felt like crying. Yes, cry for joy. I was grateful for so much beauty, for the kindness of the people, for the sincere smiles exchanged with strangers, for the delicious organic and healthy food that you can taste in the many charming cafes, for the walks between temples and jungles, for joy of the children flying the kites at sunset, for the people I met … for so many things.

Bali has marked a before and after in me. I am calmer, more serene, I think more clearly. I hope to preserve this and, if not, I’ll have to go back. Yes, if I do go back, there are things I would do differently. I would love for everybody to have the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful experience once in our lives. If you want to give yourself a nice gift, give yourself a few days in Bali. If you want to know more about my experiences in Bali or need help organizing your trip or event in Bali, subscribe or ask me.

With the best of my smiles,



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